Haya Ali Pakistani Actress, Host, Model

Haya Ali Pakistani actress

Haya Ali is Pakistani actress and model. She is very good and talented actress pf Pakistani Film industry. She has beautiful eyes and charming personality. Haya Ali appeared in dozens of commercials. She started her acting career from Pakistani Movie. Her original name is Haya sehgal. She has done many magazine shoots and many tv ads. She is very good actress andappeared in Pakistani TV drama serials. Haya Ali worked in Pakistani TV drama “Main Bhe Khawab Daykhti Hoon” and proved that she is good actor. She has worked with brands like FAZAL JEWLLERS and Gulberg Islamabad. Haya Ali appeared in Pakistani movies including Dane-PE –Dana, sajjan bayparwa and Majajan etc. She has also worked in many TV drama serials like ALATASH and BADALTA HAI RUNG etc. She worked in many Pakistani telefilms. Haya Ali has worked in Indian movie in editing process.

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  1. Amrt pawr says:

    Haya ali becme star

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