Madiha Iftikhar Pakistani Actress, Pakistani Model

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Madiha Iftikhar is well-known Pakistani actress. She is very talented girl in Pakistani showbiz and daughter of Rehana Iftikhar. Madiha Iftikhar belongs to Islamabad and born in Islamabad. Madiha Iftikhar started her acting career when she was seventeen years old. Her first drama was Partition Aik Safar and it was one of expensive Pakistani drama. Madiha Iftikhar is a model also and she worked with well-known brands and companies. She was brand ambassador of Whitening Creme in 2011. She is very good host and hosted many TV shows. Madiha Ifftikhar is multi talented girl. Her known and notable projects and dramas are:

  • Kaise Yeh Junoon
  • Dil Dard Dhuan
  • Sarkar Sahab
  • Pappu TV series
  • Andata
  • Tujhe Pe Qurban
  • Ishq Ki Inteha
  • Mann Se Poocho
  • Zagham
  • Kitni girhen ab baaki hain

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