Pakistani actress, Host Juggan Kazim

pakistani actress juggan kazim

Juggan Kazim is Pakistani actress and Host. She is very good actress. Juggan Kazim played first role in drama when she was fourteen years old. Juggan Kazim hosted her own show when she was 16 years old. She has participated in many stage plays in Toronto. Most recently she played the lead role in “Tara” produced by Rasik Arts under the direction of Sally Jones. Juggan Kazim has worked as model and participates in Pakistani music videos. Juggan Kazim worked for Samsonite and other products also. After returning to Pakistan Juggan started hosting television with the show Beanbag, which she also conceived and written by herself. After this she has hosted a number of shows for various Pakistani televisions. Juggan Kazim has named as L’Oréal’s “Brand Ambassador” in March 2010 for their Garnier brand of hair and skin-care products in Pakistan. She has appeared in many Pakistani TV drama serials. She has also worked in Pakistani movie Khamosh Raho. Juggan Kazim played a main role in this movie and acted opposite Shaan. In these days she is hosting a morning show on express tv.


 Her Pakistani dramas List:

  • Man-O-Salwa
  • Sitam
  • Piyasi
  • Sher Dil
  • Chaat
  • Aik Pal
  • Saiqa
  • Meri Un Suni Kahaani
  • Kagaz Ki Nao
  • Vasl
  • Naa Jane Kyun
  • Hukm-e-Azaan
  • Patli Gali
  • Yeh Subh Tumhari Hai
  • Rangeel Pur
  • Pani Jaisa Piyar
  • Mishaal


Hosting Programs List:


  • Beanbag
  • CEO
  • Aaj Entertainment Tonight
  • Fashion Stop
  • Sunday Brunch
  • Morning with Hum Weekend Edition
  • Aik Din Juggun Kay Saath
  • Honestly Speaking with Juggun Kazim
  • The Final Verdict with Juggun Kazim
  • VIPs only
  • Mast Mornings
  • Yeh Subh Tumhari Hai

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